Hi, I’m Jennifer

I’m a 30 something woman living in Sydney Australia, who has a passion for all things female sexuality!

I am passionate about redefining consent and adding to the conversations surrounding the ways in which women negotiate their sexual boundaries, explore their desires and needs all why navigating a sexual landscape that is often frightening and sometimes dangerous.

I am a mother. A wife. And a therapist. My background is in sociology, and I’ve spend close to a decade working within various communities of women. I have a commitment to creating safe and nurturing spaces for women to talk about all things sex.

I am a feminist. An ardent and unapologetic feminist who believes that patriarchy is a form of social and political oppression and it is used to control  the lives, bodies, labours and freedoms of women. If you don’t need feminism I don’t think you’ll need my blog.

I am also submissive. Something that I’m still discovering and exploring about myself. I’m not an expert in all things BDSM, I think it’s disingenuous to claim to be when the divergence and ubiquitous of what it is we do, means that not one person could ever possess enough understanding and empathy to fully contextualise and consider the depth and breath of all that is kink. So while I’m no expert I am confident in my ability to express what it is that I think needs to be said.