Is there something wrong with erotic fiction or is it just me?

I love to read. It’s my favourite ‘me time’ thing to do. I read all sorts & yes I even love erotica. Well I did but now I’m just not to sure.

I am really struggling to find any fiction where I actually want to finish the book! I have my favourite authors who I devour religiously but I find myself limited in choice. Now I’m no Pulitzer Prize winner or anything but there seems to be a growing laziness amongst erotic authors where this same old same old is being recycled ad nauseam. The female protagonist is always devoid of something in her life that can only ever be filled by sex, a man or a man who thinks he knows everything about sex. I know these are fantasy, written porn and the audience is women but why are authors continually writing women characters that are all the same?

I’ve come up with a list of what I’m calling the same old same old. The character traits or storylines that are somehow always in the story;

Women submissive characters are so void of agency or desire that they are seen as blow up dolls with a heartbeat; unless of course they are the dumpee than the emotional overdrive is there! These women are written with no outside need other than sex; but a very narrow view of what sex should be for a kinky woman. They are always in positions of power but are dissatisfied and able to leave everything behind for the right man.

These women never get it wrong! They never fuck the wrong man – unless he is ‘vanilla’ and then they are always wrong. They are never dissatisfied with sex (only with the rest of their lives),they always have the perfect orgasm; even when they are unsure of what it is they really want or what the heck he is doing to her.

Like I said I know it’s written porn but do we have to just, well, reproduce what porn is already doing & call it erotica?

The man is always one of two things; bitter and not wanting a relationship – just his dick wet or he is wanting a relationship because he will inherit his family fortune. Men are characterised as emotionally impotent and this is okay because he has a big dick! They never seem to laugh, or have morning breath & no matter how rushed for time they are they can always have sex in the shower & never be late!

The HEA always involves the orgasm. If he gives her an orgasm than she is happy; why I can’t be that easily satisfied I will never know!

These women can not control themselves when a hot stud walks into the room. She becomes a pile of quivering sexual need that can only be overcome by the penis. I mean there isn’t a ‘how’s the weather’ mundane type conversation between them!

All women like to be humiliated or find kinky sex humiliating. In fact anything that is sexual in nature is humiliating, never mind their mind blowing orgasms it’s just not what a good girl does!
Speaking of good girls; women are naughty! They are uncontrollable creatures who must be put in their place and punished; as decided by the man who made her the afore mentioned pile of quivering mess. Did someone forget to tell there authors that good girls get fucked too?

Sexual repression or being raised without a clue about sex (cause lets face it Google doesn’t exist right?) is normal. I mean no woman knows what real sex is till Mr McDommly Dom fucks her ass for the first time!

Women who want something a little more kinky must leave every ounce of common sense on the door step, must blindly enter and must never question what they see inside, never, not for a second because it’s well kink!

Men take what they want; always and with no regret. Woman take what is given to them and forget to regret.

Okay so I may be a little sarcastic in my observations here but there is something really wrong with the direction that erotica is taking. For me I need to connect with the characters or the story in some way. I want to put myself in her shoes (or restraints) and allow myself to be her. I want fiction that has a little bit of real life & a hell of a lot of fantasy! I want to see myself and all my humanness in the character!

I want to read something where the story doesn’t create a space for a woman; rather I want a story created around a woman & her clitoris. I want her & her sexuality & dare I say it her need for sex to be something that the story revolves around.

A woman who is not in need of rescuing, sure the millionaire would be great but could his money be a subplot & not the whole story?

A woman where the something bad inspires her to find her good – not find a man to give her the good. I want a story where the relationship helps her find herself rather than the relationship creating her.

A woman who is not coerced into kink but finds it of her own free will.

A woman who likes sex. Really really likes it!

A woman who does not give up her life for sex, or a man who gives her sex.

A woman who can say NO & YES.

A woman who isn’t hiding from a past.

A woman who is in a relationship because she wants to be not because she has no other choice.

A woman who does not play nurse/mother/therapist to a man who has some dark ‘kept in the closet’ past.

A woman who finds a man who sees her as a woman and creates the sub around her. I’m sorry I don’t care how many years at D-type university you did you cannot walk into a room & just tell she is going to make the perfect sub for you.

A woman who is a sub/slave because she chooses to be and not because some man sees something in her that she doesn’t even know existed before his magic penis came along.

I want a story that has awesome sex that; isn’t set in some far off plant, has non human characters, set in a parallel universe or involves some other form on not in the here & now!

I want a story where physical attention (be that sex, impact play or other kinky fuckery) is with because it’s fun & what they both want rather than because she is ‘naughty’ or ‘deserves’ a spanking because she has done something wrong. I want lazy Saturday morning wake up kinky fuckery!

I want a story that doesn’t have billionaires or cowboys. I don’t have anything against billionaires and cowboys I’d just like a little more variety in the man I’m reading!

So many women are entering the real world of kink through fiction. We know because the research tells us that more women discover this because of external influence; including something they have read. It’s always happened and there has always been really shitty books written. But these books are allowing women to form the wrong ideas about how sex works and what kink is. Fiction, be it written (books) or visual (TV/movies) will always influence our lived realities. We are not passive consumers of media. We take the images & representations that we see and use those to create, guide, influence or challenge the real world around us; it’s why advertising works. It creates a reality that we want and so we make choices based on what we have just experienced in the fiction.

But this type of fiction is void of so much, dare I say reality within the fantasy, that women are left wondering what they are doing wrong when the dom of their dreams isn’t giving them the last chapter of the book they just read.

Beyond that I’m just plain bored with it!! I want to read – because if I don’t then I find housework to do & that is not okay!!

Please for the love of women who want fucked up sex everywhere will someone write a good story??