15 weird and wonderful sex things.



Only women have an organ that is only ever used for sexual stimulation!

The penis only has about 4000 sensory nerve endings while the clitoris has 8000!!

& yet there are still people who think men have reason to be hornier & need more sex than women HUH??

The clitoris really is just like a penis – well kind of. It has glans, a foreskin, erectile tissue and a shaft just like the male penis.


The world record (as of 2012) for the most weight lifted with a vagina is held by Tatiana Kozhevnikova. She lifted 14 kilograms/ 31 pounds!


The “average” vagina is 3-4 inches long but can expand up to 200%.


The United States Centre for Disease Control published statistics on 2009 that showed 36& of women have had or are having anal sex! Women who are university educated are most likely to have anal!


The “average” penis is 5-7 inches long.


New and exciting research using MRI scanning has shown that up to 30 areas of the brain are activated during the sex response cycle!


Whales have the honour of having the biggest penes in the animal kingdom. A Killer Whale’s penis can measure up to 25 meters/8 foot!


The female black-widow spider can mate with up to 20 male spider’s everyday – & then she eats them!



Female ferrets will reportedly die if they go more than a year without sex!


Adults on “average” will spend 336 hours snogging their love interests. That’s 2 weeks of kissing!


Unfortunately the rates of STI infections are on the rise in Australia. The age demographic where the largest rise in rates occurs is older people! STI rates for people aged 40-85 for chlamydia have risen 17% and for gonorrhoea 44%. Theories behind why this increase is occurring vary but one view is that people in this age demographic didn’t grow up with the safe sex message as younger generations did; so they are not use to dating (after divorce) in a the world of STI’s. Another popular theory is that women who are peri or post-menopausal are not at risk of an unintended pregnancy so don’t use forms of hormonal birth control; ignoring the risk of STI’s


80% of women who identify as straight have sexual fantasies involving same sex experiences! What does that say about how we think of sexual attraction & orientation!


Women are up to 10 times more sensitive to touch! So not only does a massage feel good it will arouse you too!


The “average” human adult who is sexually active can have sex up to 103 times per year!


Women have wet dreams!

Wet dreams or spontaneous orgasm in your sleep is where the body perceives it is being sexually aroused and the vagina becomes wet. The friction of the sheets or your underwear and the subconscious squeezing of vaginal muscles can cause up to 37% of women to orgasm when they are not fully conscious!